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Importance of an Active Directory Management & Reporting Software

An active directory is nothing more than a directory structure that is primarily used on Microsoft Windows based computers and servers to store information and data about networks and domains. It provides information on objects and helps in organizing these objects for easy retrieval and access. One can define active directory as a hierarchical structure where the structure is divided in three main categories – resources, services and objects. The resources include hardware such as printers, services are meant for end users such as, web email servers and objects are the major utilities of the domain and network.

Now, when working as a computer administrator for a large corporation or organization, it is never that easy to manage Active Directory objects or even prepare the AD reports. But, creating AD reports is a must to do task if you want to have an effective Active Directory management. In addition, there are various other responsibilities that you need to perform. As an IT administrator, your responsibilities revolve around creating the organizational units in domains or adding domains in Windows Active Directory. Performing such tasks can be quite time consuming. The probability remains very high that you might require extra time to complete the work.

However, provided with an effective Active Directory management tool, you may successfully ease down the complexity that is generally involved in managing Active Directory objects. Perhaps, with the help of a proper management tool, you may not require to work more than your usual working hours to prepare AD reports.

With proper usage of Active Directory management and reporting tool, you can successfully simplify the execution of routine administrative tasks related to managing Active Directory objects. The Active directory reporting tool can assist in handling day-to-day activities i.e. managing user accounts and AD objects. This tool allows you create multiple user accounts and make modifications in user attributes. Using such tool, you can accumulate and report configuration information about various objects along with its properties in Active Directory. In fact, you can successfully accelerate the task like managing MS Exchange functions in relation to user accounts more efficiently.

Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting is one such effective software that can help you to manage Active Directory objects in the simplest manner. This utility has got the ability to generate effective reports for Active Directory (AD) users, computers, MS Exchange and domain controllers. Moreover, in order to ensure that AD works efficiently, it’s very important to eradicate any disabled, old, or inactive accounts. With this software it is very much possible to create report on inactive objects that need to be disabled to maintain a clean and efficient Active Directory.In addition, the software has got an exceptional ability to create or even manage network shares for any computer in any domain. You can easily create and manage shares for both remote as well as local computer(s) from a central location.

Working with Active Directory can be complicated at times due to various reasons, but with the right Active Directory management and reporting tool you can manage it easily.



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